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In the year 2009, we certified our constant efforts for quality with Certification of Quality ISO 9001:2008

Certifika ISO Kovinoplast Laharnar
Quality policy

Company Kovinoplast Laharnar d.o.o. has established system of quality control ISO 9001 : 2008.

Quality policy is strategic orientation and part of business policy of company Kovinoplast Laharnar d.o.o. . Company's management is responsible for realization of quality policy and each individual employee is responsible for quality of his work.

Our products must completely fulfill the needs and expectations of »demanding customer«.

We strive to ensure the quality by the principle of prevention and demands, that every individual completes his work first-rate on first and every occasion.

Stimulating and Education

Satisfaction of employees and by that their motivation for quality, we ensure by stimulation and education. Constant improvements of the system of quality control are based mainly on quality of mastering business processes, which is shown by their growth and improvement.

We strive to creative building of system of quality, as it will surely ensure us a better future.

Long-term partnership

We will develop long-term partnership with our key customers, which we will build on cooperation, reliable deliveries, effective solving of eventual problems, advisement with material selection and selection of our products.

Suppliers are our partners and good cooperation with them is important element for ensuring quality.
Criteria for quality of our work, our products and services is satisfaction of our customers and our employees only satisfied customers and employees are guarantee for development and successful business operation of company Kovinoplast Laharnar d.o.o. ..

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Product Catalog
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